Introducing Day Parting

UPDATE (05/26/21): Read about the newest updates to Day Parting

SocialFlow is excited to introduce Day Parting- a new, powerful content scheduling feature. Day Parting allows you to have even more publishing flexibility and control. Create custom segments that set the pace and cadence of your Optimized posts for specific, recurring windows like time of day, and weekdays vs weekends.

Powerful But Simple




Day Parting allows you to create rule sets that control the rate of publishing Optimized posts to a channel. You can create custom rule sets based on your followers’ engagement patterns and your social team’s schedule. Create a unique rule set for overnights, weekends, holidays, and more. Day Parting gives you complete flexibility to design the day parts that make the most sense for your social handles.  

With Day Parting, you can schedule separate Optimized publish rules for each day. Within each day part, you can modify:

  • Maximum messages per hour
  • Minimum message interval
  • Maximum message interval
  • Maximum messages per ruleset
  • “Pause Optimized Publishing” — you can stop posting optimized posts to that channel entirely for blocks of time.

For periods without Day Parting rules, the Publish Limit account level settings will apply.

Part of Your SocialFlow Settings

To turn on this feature, contact Once activated, Day Parting is available to all SocialFlow users who can access the edit social accounts page in the Application Settings section of your SocialFlow interface. 

Just click the gear icon above your Queue, then select Day Parting.

We’re actively working to enhance and improve this new feature to meet all of your scheduling needs. To submit feedback on this new feature, email

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