Today we have launched Enhanced Search. Enhanced search will allow you to more easily find your social content published through SocialFlow and will add additional search terms to make your search more powerful and robust.

Enhanced search is now available to all users in both the Messages Report and the Published Timeline. No action needs to be taken to activate this new feature.

While this search functions similar to other search tools you may be familiar with—here is a quick run-down of what you need to know to make the most of enhanced search.  

Pro Tip: Do you still want search to work as it did previously? We’ve kept it in place for you. Simply type in your search term without choosing a cateogry from the drop down (or choose the “Classic Search” option), and it will return the results you’re looking for. 


Search Criteria

As you begin to type in a word, you’ll see the broad list of criteria that you can search against. The prompts in the search bar make it easy to navigate. Here’s the full list of search options:

  • Post Message
  • Post Title
  • Post Description
  • Link (ie, content URL)
  • Post Editor (email address of Post Editor)
  • *NEW*Post Publisher (email address of the user who published the post)
  • *NEW*Post Creator (email address of the user who created the post)
  • Label
  • Post Type (video, link, or text posts)
  • Published Status
  • *NEW*IAB Content Category (Category of linked-to content by IAB categorization)
  • *NEW*Media Topics Category (Category of linked-to content by Media Topics categorization)
  • *NEW*Keywords (keywords from the linked-to content)
  • Service Message ID

If, for example, you wanted to search for posts with the keywords of “social media,” you would see something like the image above. Click on the “keyword” line and your search will commence.

If you don’t see the search option you’re interested in, you can click on “Show all Options.” Choosing “Show Matched Options” reduces the number of options.

Complex Search

Our enhanced search allows for complex search options as well. To learn how to create Not/And/Or searches, visit our support center

Pro Tip: Enter a destination URL in the search bar to quickly see all social content pointing to that page.

Try Enhanced Search today!

 Questions? Reach out to your SocialFlow Account Manager or