LinkedIn publishers on SocialFlow can now target their LinkedIn posts by job function, seniority, company size, industry and location – including country, state and many urban areas!

How does it work?

SocialFlow makes targeting on LinkedIn a piece of cake!  While you’re creating content for LinkedIn in the Compose window, you will see the option to target below the text window.  LinkedIn content in the queue can be targeted during the editing/optimizing process in the same way!

LinkedIn Targeting 1

LinkedIn Targeting 2

SocialFlow also makes it easy to set up reusable targeting groups with this new feature!  If you want to target all of the tri-state area, for example, you can add those states one time and then click the “Label and save these targeting options for later” link to use that targeting again and again.

One note:  Targeting for any individual post can only be of one type, ie, seniority, location, job functions, industries or company size.  This is a LinkedIn restriction.

How might you use it?

There are many ways you can take advantage of these targeting options.  Job announcements can be targeted to LinkedIn users of the appropriate seniority, geography or job description.  Event-specific posts can be targeted only at those in the area, saving everyone else from irrelevant content in their feeds.  Social teams can now create targeted messages for any circumstance and make sure it only hits the right audience, increasing their chances of capturing attention without creating unnecessary clutter for everyone else!

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