We’ve recently rolled out some new, streamlined reschedule options to make it easier to quickly edit publish time/date. These new “Quick” options allow for rescheduling or recycling posts without opening the entire compose box. Across our Publish page, you’ll see “Quick” options in a few places– both in the publishing queue and the timeline of your published posts.   

Quick Options in the Queue

In the queue, you’ll have “Quick Edit” or “Quick Duplicate” options. Quick Edit will bring up a window to allow you to change the publishing options– date/time/status.  Quick Duplicate creates a duplicate of your message with your selected publishing options.  You’ll find these new choices when you select “Options.”

Quick Options in your Published Timeline

In the column of published messages, clicking on the “. . . ” button under the message will give you the new option to “Quick Recycle.”  

Like Quick Edit, this will bring up time/date/status.  

These new options are time savers when you want to make edits to the publishing options for pre-existing messages. If you need to alter the message itself, you’ll need to use the original workflow to open the compose box to edit the message.

Questions? Contact your SocialFlow Account Rep or support@socialflow.com