Twitter Media Studio provides an easy-to-use platform to manage, measure, and monetize your Twitter content. Now you can access the features of Twitter Media Studio from within your existing SocialFlow workflow.

This new integration allows SocialFlow users* to:

  • Upload videos up to 10:00 in duration (previously limited to 140 seconds) and 1 GB in size (previously limited to 512 MB)
  • Set title and description on videos
  • Add a thumbnail image to videos
  • Monetize videos via Twitter Amplify, including opting videos into In-Stream Sponsorship programs or running pre-roll with In-Stream Video Ads
  • Access advanced video functionality, such as geo-restricted playback, category tagging, category exclusion, advertiser handle exclusion
  • Display accumulated stats for recycled videos

. . .  all from within your SocialFlow dashboard.

All videos published through SocialFlow are automatically uploaded to the Twitter Media Studio library. As soon as a video post is created and sent to the queue, SocialFlow starts uploading it to Twitter, so when it’s time for the post to go out, it publishes instantly. This is especially helpful for larger videos.

We have whitelisted all clients who currently have access to Twitter Media Studio; those clients will see the new options available in the Compose window. Look for the monetization icon- shown in pink in the image above. Once you select the monetization icon, you will be able to adjust the metadata and monetization settings via these screens.


Don’t currently have Twitter Media Studio access? Contact your Twitter partner manager to request access to the platform.

Contact your SocialFlow rep or for more information or with questions.  


* These features are only available to those who have access to Twitter Media Studio ( or