SocialFlow is releasing a new version of our Chrome Extension. Because we have added new features and are adding new social platforms, the layout of the extension had to change significantly. New extension versions auto-update in the browser, so we wanted to give you a heads up that this change was coming, along with a small tour.




Before installation, log in to your SocialFlow account.

If you have never installed or used the Chrome Extension, please download it here, and click “Add Chrome.”

*Note: if you install before June 16, your Extension will not look like the Extension described below

After installation in the browser, click the SocialFlow icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser then “Connect to SocialFlow”




1. Click Authorize App

chrome install 02

2. You will now be redirected to Extension settings. Here you can choose default settings for selected accounts and message status (i.e. Optimize, Schedule, etc), when clicking the plugin to send content to SocialFlow.

Chrome install 03

3. Next, you can navigate to an page on your site and click the Extension icon in the upper right hand of the Chrome browser to send content to SocialFlow.

chrome install 04

How To Use The Extension

Rollover social icons on the left to choose accounts that you wish to send content to.

Chrome Install 05


Click on the social account tabs to edit messaging, title and description. Or, choose a thumbnail photo for each social channel, when available for specific social platform.

Chrome Install 06

*Note: Message status (i.e. Optimize, Schedule, etc) edits impact all social messaging.

Link post thumbnails will default to image specified on webpage with ‘og:image’ meta tags. If there is no ‘og:image’ specified, another image will be selected.

To edit the metadata title and description, just click on them.

*Note: G+ description is not editable 

Create image posts and Tweets by clicking the image icon on the top right hand side of the plugin. The default will be image specified in ‘og:image’ tags.

Chrome install 07

Select a new image on the page by clicking arrows to the left and right of an image. When creating image Tweets, Posts, etc, the same image will be chosen for all social platforms.

*Note: Many sites use query parameters on images to control image size. SocialFlow allows those query parameters to be passed in. However, Google+ does not allow query parameters on image posts. Users will be warned when attempting to create image posts for G+ when image URL contains query parameters. Simply deselect G+ accounts on the left hand side in this situation and you will be able to send the image post to Facebook and Twitter

To override the image, past an image URL into the “New Image” URL text box and click the ‘+’

chrome install 08


  • While image posts are available using a URL, Image Upload is not yet available. It will be in the next iteration of Extension
  • Pinterest is not available yet but will be in the next iteration of Extention
  • If there is a query param on the URL and G+ is selected as a default account to send to, the Extension will not return metadata description for Facebook or LinkedIn. To workaround this, add the description or turn G+ on as a default in Settings. This will be corrected in the next iteration of Extension.
  • The Chrome Extension does not yet allow users to select “client (coming soon!)” In the meantime, your default client social accounts will be returned. You can choose default client in Settings->User Accounts under “Client Accounts”