Nexstar media group is America’s largest local television and media company with 197 full-power stations in 115 markets addressing nearly 63% of us television households and a growing digital media operation. Nexstar’s portfolio includes primary affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, mynetworktv and the CW, plus community portal websites.


Nexstar Media Group was looking for a better social publishing platform for their social teams across the US. With almost 200 television stations and the coordinating digital presence of each, Nexstar has hundreds of social content producers and publishes more than hundreds of thousands of social messages a month across their corporate footprint.

Moving a team as large as Nexstar’s to a new technology solution is always a stressful decision. But Nexstar needed better tools and decided to move from their previous tool to SocialFlow.


With only 6 weeks left until their previous tool’s contract expired, Nexstar and SocialFlow worked together closely to create a comprehensive onboarding plan that would reach all their social users and get them up and running on SocialFlow quickly— with as little of an impact to their social channels as possible.

SocialFlow’s Client Services team worked with a small team of internal champions to help create an onboarding program and effectively communicate within Nexstar.

The onboarding program kicked off with two sessions offered to all Nexstar social users. In these sessions, attended by hundreds, SocialFlow provided an overview of the product and a thorough walkthrough of all the key features and functionalities.

After the introductory sessions, Nexstar users were broken up into smaller groups (by region) for more hands-on training. SocialFlow suggested creating a regional hierarchy to help organize all the content that would fall within their overarching Nexstar account within SocialFlow. In these small group sessions, which took place twice a day over several weeks, SocialFlow helped Nexstar users set up their accounts to ensure that each social handle was ready to start publishing via SocialFlow. These smaller group sessions allowed Nexstar users to get specific questions answered as they started to get their feet wet working in the SocialFlow platform.

Recorded training resources and a full user guide were provided to Nexstar users to supplement all live sessions. Regional Team Leads at Nexstar helped to evangelize the onboarding program and act as subject matter experts internally so there were resources both within SocialFlow and Nexstar. Nexstar users also utilized SocialFlow’s Support page and email alias as another way to get their questions answered

Once all regions were set up and had started publishing, the SocialFlow Client Services team continued to offer “office hours,” giving Nexstar users an opportunity to call in and speak with a SocialFlow team member to get any questions answered, no matter how general or specific.


Within weeks, Nexstar users were able to successfully transition
from their previous tool to SocialFlow. Across their portfolio, Nexstar transitioned almost 700 social handles in this period. Over 1500 users logged into SocialFlow in the first 90 days of the partnership. Through a multi-touch onboarding program, Nexstar media properties immediately saw significant performance boosts across their social media footprint.


SocialFlow is a social distribution & monetization platform that is purpose-built for media companies. Our technology enables the world’s most successful publishers to easily distribute engaging social content while providing monetization opportunities within social platforms.

When you see a news item in your social feed, the odds are good that it came through SocialFlow.