Time Inc.‘s Real Time social product gives advertisers access to trending social content.
SocialFlow is proud to power Time Inc.’s RealTime offering, helping clients like Volvo get more out of social. The recently launched campaign uses Time’s Real Time Ad product to place the Volvo brand next to the best performing Facebook posts from Time relevant to Volvo’s specified audience. SocialFlow’s optimization engine identifies the best performing content and places the Volvo logo next to the popular content in the social feed and allows for 100% SOV for the advertiser on the corresponding article pages on Time Inc.

When an article starts to trend on Facebook, Time Inc. promotes it and adds the Volvo brand logo. Because of the popularity of the articles, the reach and engagement with these posts far exceeds what a typical brand would get on its own.


This product opens up new inventory for Time Inc advertisers and new monetization strategies for the Time Inc. brands.  The publisher has never before been able to sell against their Facebook audience, opening up new targets for advertisers.

While it is too early to share results from this specific campaign, similar offerings from SocialFlow have garnered click-through rates in excess of 15%.

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