SocialFlow is pleased to announce a new set of features to help you further automate routine social publishing tasks. We know that our clients are always looking for better posting methods; to post better, faster and smarter. These convenient features ease the ability to share engaging content, when and how your audience is online.

New features include…


  • Off-Hours Publishing: This feature allows publishers to set different publishing rules for evenings, holidays, and weekends. Off-hours publishing provides more automation and flexibility for off-hours periods when staffing is reduced, and further reduces the burden on the editorial staff tasked with distributing content to social media.


Media content posted on weekends out performs content during the week.  There are less stories in the feed on weekends, but user attention remains steady—giving your content a better chance to stick out.


  • Enhanced Publishing Optimization: The SocialFlow platform already incorporates data from social platforms to ensure the messages are sent when they are most likely to resonate with users. With this enhancement, publishers can also incorporate signals from the traffic on their websites, identifying content that is currently popular with site visitors and then use that to inform what social content should be published.


Using algorithms based on your social audiences’ interests, along with algorithms based on your site activity gives you the most opportunity for success. Test publishing based on both data sources to see what performs best for you!


  • Enhanced Post Recycling: Publishers have learned that many messages are worth sending out more than once. Updated automated rules will allow users to more easily recycle posts, both within a single social channel as well as across multiple social accounts.

SocialFlow data shows that the optimal frequency for recycled posts is 3 times the original post, based on reach.


The features are available to customers in private beta in the coming weeks, and will be available for all clients next quarter.


For more information or to request access to the beta, SocialFlow customers are asked to contact their SocialFlow account representative or email