SocialFlow has updated our Google Chrome extension. The new version will be live Monday, June 20th.  The Chrome extension helps you easily send content to SocialFlow from any web page directly. From the extension, you can share your content without having to access the SocialFlow platform directly.
If you already have the extension installed, it will update automatically and you will notice the change. If you don’t already have the extension installed, you can get it here here
With these updates comes a new layout. Here’s how it works:


New Layout

Chrome Ext ImgChrome extensions have limited width and height. To add new functionality and eliminate scrolling, the layout and UX for the SocialFlow extension has been improved.

The two major updates include:

  • The ability to create image posts and Tweets using the image URL
  • Override thumbnail image using an image URL


Image Posts


This update will be available on Monday, June 20. The ability to upload new images and post to Pinterest will be released in the next iteration.