We have made some changes to our “Users and Permissions” page that you may have noticed if you are a SocialFlow Admin. This new role will benefit large social teams with multiple administrators to each of the different social platforms. For example, if you want a member of your social team to have admin access to the Facebook account, but not the Twitter account, this new role update will be beneficial to you.

To accommodate this new role, permissions have been renamed for clarity and to focus on what the role can actually accomplish. Take a look at the complete list below.

Definitions of all Roles available within the Platform: 

Here is a complete list of all the levels of access and permissions available within the SocialFlow Platform.

  • View
    • Allows users to view the Queue and Timeline as well as Reports for specified social account
  • View/Publish
    • Allows users to view rights plus ability to create and send Posts or Tweets to specified social account
  • View/Publish/Settings
    • Allows user the view and publish rights, plus access to Settings for specified social account
      • Groups
      • Publishing Limits
      • Tracking Tags
      • Content Sources
      • Link Shortener
      • Reauthorizing Account
      • Removing Account
  • View/Publish/Settings/Users
    • Allows User View, Publish and Settings Rights as well as the ability to manage users for specified social account
      • Invite users to social account by clicking:
        • Settings–>Admin–> Users and Permissions
      • Assign and manage user permissions for specified social account


How Client Admins can find this new view

Settings–> Admin –> Users and Permissions

The admin can either invite a new user to join the page or edit an existing user for privileges.