Introducing Charts

A new SocialFlow analytics tool is now available! Charts is a convenient, easy, fast way to evaluate the performance of your social properties. Charts allows for data visualization of performance metrics for up to 50 social handles.  Compare social handles or view cumulatively in either line or column chart format

Powerful but Simple

Charts supports metrics like clicks, likes, shares, and follows, and has a strong set of features that help you easily measure those metrics, create custom views  and share them within your organization:

  • Create rolling charts (e.g. last 7 days) for continuous regular reporting
  • Create charts to measure specific date ranges, for example, a campaign with a start and end date
  • Save charts for reuse and share them by copying and pasting the URL in your browser’s address bar. Anyone with access to your SocialFlow account can click the URL and see the chart.
  • Drop a chart right into a slide deck by exporting an image. The exported PNG will have a transparent background to easily fit into your color palette and graphic template.

Part of SocialFlow Analytics and Reporting

Charts is available to all SocialFlow users in the Reports section of your SocialFlow interface. All social handles available to a user will be accessible within Charts.  Just click Reports, then click Charts.

We’re actively working to enhance and improve this new analytics tool. To submit feedback on this new feature, contact your SocialFlow account representative or email