We’ve made a small change that may save you big time! 🙌

If you have access to a bunch of social handles in your SocialFlow account, this new feature is for you! You can now “favorite” accounts/handles so they appear first in your list, saving you time from scrolling through all of your available handles when composing messages.


  • Users are able to star/favorite an account by pressing the “shift” key while clicking an account in the listing all accounts in the compose box (left side).
  • This should not select the account.
  • When an account is starred/favorited a gold star icon will appear.

Once you have marked your favorite accounts, the starred accounts should appear at the top of the account list. If there are any pre-selected accounts (i.e. recycling a post) those accounts should be first, followed by the starred accounts. This change will be saved at the user level, not the account level so different users in the same account can select different “favorites.”

Now you can quickly select your most-used accounts without having to scroll through all accounts that you have access to!

Happy posting!