Real-Time Google Analytics integration with SocialFlow allows social media editors to immediately see and sort their top-performing web content in order to easily take one-click actions such as recycling, duplicating, or cross-posting.

How Do I Activate This?

Docking in analytics is done by client admins via the Settings -> Application -> Social Accounts, at the bottom under “Helper App Accounts”:

google analytics socialflow


Visitors on Messages Report

After Google Analytics is docked in the Messages report will show a sortable Unique “Visitors” column.  These visitors come from Google Analytics real-time API and represent “active users.” This lets you see which posts are currently generating the most traffic and quickly take action. It’s just one click to recycle or crosspost from this report.


google analytics real time visitors socialflow

Visitors in New Audience Report

Users can also access a new Audience report which shows all pages (whether published to social or not) sortable by real-time unique visitors. This view also shows which SocialFlow queues and timelines the links have been published to or are contained within.

If a page is generating high traffic and has not been published to a social network, reach and referrals can easily be extended by publishing to one or more social accounts with one click. Similarly, high performing posts can easily be crossposted to other accounts for a traffic boost.

google analytics real time audience socialflow

Need Help?
Please let us know if you have any questions about this process. You can contact your client services rep at SocialFlow or email us at