McClatchy operates 30 local media companies in 14 states, providing each of its communities with strong independent local journalism in the public interest and advertising services in a wide array of digital and print formats. McClatchy publishes iconic local brands including the Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star, The Sacramento Bee, The Charlotte Observer, The (Raleigh) News & Observer, and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Recognizing that consumers have many choices for their attention and subscription dollars, McClatchy continues to look for innovative ways to distribute its quality journalism. Fewer subscribers want physical newspapers, email inboxes are overcrowded, and while McClatchy websites are only a click away, so are millions of other websites.

McClatchy has found that a subscriber’s first 60 days are the most critical, with as many as a quarter of new subscribers churning during that period. Build the habit of consuming the content, and customers will routinely come back for more. Fail to build that habit and subscriber churn is much more likely.


McClatchy tapped to SocialFlow to pilot test its RetentionStreamTM churn reduction product. The product quickly identifies McClatchy’s best-performing social content, and repurposes it in a timely and directed fashion, engaging subscribers directly in their social feeds.


RetentionStream immediately and significantly reduced churn in the test markets. Over 60 days, McClatchy was able to retain nearly 1,400 paying subscribers that might otherwise have churned. All markets saw significant decreases, with churn rates dropping in in most cases by more than half.

The results were so strong that even before the completion of the pilot, McClatchy expanded the program to roll it out to major markets nationwide.

The conclusion: putting the right content in the social feeds of new subscribers reminds your best customers why they’re willing to pay for your product.

This entire program is not something we could have done ourselves. Working with the subscriber lists, creating the audiences, picking the social content—SocialFlow has a better understanding of how to make this work, how to measure, and how it all ties back to subscriber churn. – Phil Schroder, Senior Director, Engagement & Loyalty, McClatchy Company


SocialFlow is a social distribution & monetization platform that is purpose-built for media companies. Our technology enables the world’s most successful publishers to easily distribute engaging social content while providing monetization opportunities within social platforms.

When you see a news item in your social feed, the odds are good that it came through SocialFlow.