SocialFlow is purpose-built for media companies. Used by some of the biggest names in media, SocialFlow is also an invaluable resource for smaller, more nimble social teams. No matter the level of resources available to you, increasing your team’s workflow efficiency is always our goal.

We’ve built a bunch of features into our platform to help you work smarter and wanted to round a bunch of them up to make sure you are taking advantage of these great features:

Posting Efficiencies:

    • Post a single message to multiple social channels.  Simply select as many (or as few) of your social accounts to be included when you are composing your messages.  A single message can be deployed across all your social.  SocialFlow makes it easy to post more and get better results with less effort. +LEARN MORE
    • Optimization takes the guesswork out of when to post. . . just set it and forget it. +LEARN MORE
    • Schedule or optimize your messages for multiple days/time frames in one click +LEARN MORE
    • Post via the online platform, mobile app or even our chrome extension. We give you options so you can easily share and publish content in the ways that work best for you and your team. +LEARN MORE: MOBILE APP, +LEARN MORE: CHROME EXTENSION


Content Efficiencies:

  • Easily identify content that should be recycled.  . . easy to recycle single messages, or use our bulk recycling features to make quick work of resharing all your best content. +LEARN MORE
  • Add RSS Feeds from your site so new content added to the site is added to within SocialFlow. +LEARN MORE
  • Content Sources allow you to pull in content from other complimentary sites that you are likely to share.  Set up feeds from your favorite sources, then their content will go right into your queue, so you can easily sort, modify and share content from your social accounts. +LEARN MORE: Support Documentation*
  • Cross-posting across your other social handles +LEARN MORE


Content Calendar Efficiencies:

  • Off Hours Posting: use scheduled or optimized content to be sure you are posting throughout the entire week. Our data shows that user attention is at its peak in the hours that your team is out of the office +LEARN MORE
  • Calendar View allows you to see your content across the calendar to easily identify gaps or bunching. +LEARN MORE
  • Categorize content with labels: adding labels to your content makes it easy to identify ever-green or topic-specific content. Marking seasonal content with labels makes recycling year over year a breeze. +LEARN MORE


We hope this list is helpful.  Does your organization use many or all of these features? Are there some that you aren’t using but would be helpful to you.  We continue to put out new features and functionality to help our clients keep up with the speed of the news.


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