As is evident in recent news, attacks on social media accounts are increasingly common. A damaging tweet sent out by a hacker through a brand or publisher’s account can have serious consequences. Beyond just the embarrassment, these exploits take up days of time diagnosing the attacks and getting everything back in order.

ABC News recently reported that the string of recent hacking attacks on high-profile US institutions has security experts concerned that hackers are using the information gained to plan even more sophisticated attacks. These attacks leave companies vulnerable and in need of solutions which provide tighter security measures than have previously existed. Twitter itself, has advised that brands and publishers use third-party providers that allow for two-step authentication. As companies ever increasingly rely on accessing social media accounts from different devices, the 2-step verification process becomes even more vital.

For a more detailed description of 2-step verification from Google, click here.

SocialFlow has always been concerned about the safety and security of its clients and had long ago integrated Google Account’s 2-step verification process into our sign-on process. But, as an additional precaution and convenience, while providing clients with the highest level of security, SocialFlow has built our own two-step verification feature.

So How Does This Work?

To use the feature, SocialFlow clients are required to download Google Authenticator to their smartphone as well as activate the 2-step verification setting in the SocialFlow application. The entire process takes only minutes. After configuration is complete, whenever users sign on to SocialFlow, they will be required to enter a code which is only available on their smartphone and nowhere else. Therefore, even if hackers ever get your SocialFlow credentials, they would still need to be holding your smartphone in their hands to get into your publishing account.

Social media security is an increasingly important consideration for companies. SocialFlow encourages clients and prospective clients to employ 2-step verification to remain secure. And if by any chance, a client loses the mobile device linked to their SocialFlow account, SocialFlow’s 24 hour support will be happy to help.

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