SocialFlow has been working extensively with a leading fashion brand for a number of years, focusing on organic publishing and promoted tweets and Facebook posts. While our client’s Social team was very excited about the prospect of Direct Response campaigns on social media, their management was less convinced. SocialFlow’s account management team worked with our client’s Social team to build a case to increase spend and test new types of campaigns on media. Using the success of SocialFlow’s results with developing engagement on organic and amplified posts / tweets on Facebook and Twitter, our client was able to convince management to test using Social for an eCom specific or DR campaign.

However, given the nature of the test, management wanted to see that the Social campaigns were directly driving sales of merchandise. The client needed proof and a number of metrics to show that applying budget to social media through SocialFlow would result in significant ROI and merchandise sales from Social Direct Response campaigns.

SocialFlow’s team Designed a Website Custom Audience from the home page and product specific pages for Facebook, in the weeks leading up to this campaign and generated a Look-a-Like audiences from this data. We concentrated on the idea of Sequencing, so the campaign was done in three parts – Brand Awareness, Consideration, and finally Conversion. Users were served ads based on the specific product pages that they had visited. With our conversion tracking on both Facebook and Twitter, we were able to track conversions in near real-time, with conversion broken down by targeting – Custom Audiences, Look-a-Likes, Conversion Pixel Lookalikes, and Website Custom Audiences.

Our team also performed significant A/B testing used using different combinations of creative and calls to action to ensure that the best ads were served to client. As the campaign progressed, SocialFlow was able to created a look-a-like audience from the individuals who converted/bought products to further target and grow our client’s audience. Given the high levels of pressure the Social team was under, we worked with the client to report daily on our results and to work with them to optimize creative and strategy.

Results: Management was ecstatic to discover that the campaign generated a 6x return on Social Ad-Spend, tied directly to the campaigns run through SocialFlow. The brand also gleaned unique insights from new custom audiences – those consumers that are engaging with AND purchasing their product – to allow for better marketing through all advertising channels.

Given the results with SocialFlow on social media, management wanted further campaigns for both engagement and additional eCom initiatives on both Facebook and Twitter – with an increased budget. Management is now clearly bought into to social media team’s results for both Paid and Organic.

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A major fashion brand was using SocialFlow to publish organically to Facebook and Twitter. Given the success of SocialFlow’s platform developing engagement with organic and boosted Facebook posts/amplified Tweets, the client wanted to run a test expansion into Direct Response and eCommerce specific campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to Drive additional ROI from social media campaigns.


Managment was leery of how Direct Response campaigns would perform in social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, instead favoring the allocation of budget to traditional paid channels such as search campaigns/AdWords. They needed proof that social advertising Direct Response campaigns could drive significant ROI to expand beyond a test run.


SocialFlow and the client agreed upon set of metrics to determine success during a trial period with executive buy-in. SocialFlow utilized custom audiences, website pixels, and gained approval to leverage CRM data to target potential customers with relevant posts throughout the campaign. This resulted in significant ROI (6x Social Ad-Spend) and merchandise sales during the trial period.


Stuart Weitzman case study metrics


  • The brand was able to glean unique insights from new custom audiences – consumers that are both engaging with the brand on social AND purchasing their product to allow for better marketing through all advertising channels.

    Increased Budget:
  • Our client’s and the management team was ecstatic about the social media results with SocialFlow and is continuing, and increasing the budget for its brand engagement campaigns and additional eCommerce initiatives on both Facebook and Twitter.

    Improved Reporting:

  • With automated reporting sent directly to stakeholders, management has a better understanding of progress and is now fully bought into the social media team’s results, requesting further social Direct Response-related initiatives and providing the additional budget to support the new campaigns.