Next Generation Social Buying Platform Takes Aim at “Managed Services” Offerings That Lack Underlying Technology

New York, October 29, 2014 – SocialFlow, the leading platform for the distribution of content to social networks, today announced launch of its new  “SocialFlow for Agencies” offering. The self-serve Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering replaces managed services offered by many Facebook and Twitter paid media providers. Now agency executives can log directly onto the SocialFlow platform, set their audience targeting criteria, and guide their spend throughout the campaign.

The new offering provides Agencies with the same industry-leading organic publishing solution from SocialFlow that powers many of the world’s leading media companies. By using organic publishing data to inform paid media spend, Agencies can realize substantial efficiency gains when compared to the results of running paid campaigns alone. Clients who use SocialFlow’s data-driven organic publishing see 91% greater reach when compared to scheduled posts.

“Many paid media providers over-index on managed services, to the detriment of their clients,” said Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow. “They can be so driven by services, it is difficult to tell if there is any underlying technology. This leaves clients insights-starved and unable to maximize their reach, engagement and conversions .”

With this release, agencies can take back control of their campaigns from specialized providers who may ultimately end up as competitors.

“We have seen multiple examples of agencies unknowingly outsourcing their social media buys to what are, in effect, other agencies,” said Anderson.  “Our goal with the release of SocialFlow for Agencies is to eliminate this opaque practice, and surface powerful and easy-to-use technology that helps agencies grow their businesses.”

SociaFlow for Agencies also offers:

  • Recommended posts or tweets for promotion based on organic performance
  • Data-driven targeting recommendations – both keywords and best-performing segments from previous campaigns
  • Flexible and extensive report-building tool, allowing agencies to get the specific data they need to understand the success of their campaigns (whether they were created on SocialFlow or not) as needed or on a recurring basis
  • Easy-to-use interface that makes creating ads on Facebook and Twitter straightforward and understandable 

SocialFlow for Agencies is in the process of being made available to existing SocialFlow clients, and will be rolled out to new customers in November. To learn more about SocialFlow for Agencies, please visit