SocialFlow is happy to announce that we are a part of the betaworks family of companies, and we work directly out of the betaworks offices in NYC. Our funding partners are betaworks and Dan Porter (formerly Ticketweb), CEO of OMGPop, and all-around knowledgeable advisor. Dan has been invaluable in crossing over from idea to the SWAT team we have assembled in here now.

There is a unique group of people and ideas at work in the office here. It’s the perfect amount of challenge and competition, combined with teamwork and cross-company sharing that it made the decision to come aboard pretty easy.

We work directly with Josh Auerbach (@auerbach) on a daily basis, and he’s been a great help in thinking through some of the better ways to guide the company’s strategy. Andy Weissman and John Borthwick are heavy hitters, well known, well-liked and they know what they’re talking about. It’s great to have such a great team behind us and the atmosphere around here is exactly what you’d want for a start-up.

Add in the fact that we get to work with the teams at, Chartbeat, Twitterfeed, Tweetdeck daily and bump into the team at JumpPost often and it just feels right. We’re on the cusp of building something big, and the smart folks in here help us accelerate product development and work through ideas. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how good the New York tech scene is, and we’re at the epicenter now.

Stay tuned. Don’t blink. Buckle Up.

The SocialFlow Team