Today we announced the ability for SocialFlow customers to publish to LinkedIn.  This is an exciting extension of our capabilities, as now our customers can use SocialFlow’s “smarter way to publish” to a whole new audience. We are proud to have launched this capability with some of the most prestigious content providers in the business.  In only a few weeks, launch partners have seen LinkedIn become as much as 10% of the referral traffic back to their websites.

SocialFlow’ Launch Partners on LinkedIn
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Individuals on LinkedIn

You may have found yourself paying more attention to the LinkedIn “feed” over the past year.  What started as a trickle of updates and posts from your network has likely grown into a steady stream of useful insights and observations from people in your business networks, as well as from publishers and brands that you follow.  It’s like the Facebook News Feed, but with a professional and career development bent. Over time, that “steady stream” is going to become a raging river of content—a pattern that you perhaps experienced with both Facebook and Twitter. The volume of content grows, but the time you have to consume the content does not.  You must then rely on either the social network to curate the posts (as Facebook does with EdgeRank), or just take the raw feed and self-curate or consume as little or as much of it as you want (as you do with Twitter).

As a Publisher or Marketer

If you’re a content creator, your challenge is evident:  you need to find a way to make sure your message is seen amidst all of the other content.  SocialFlow provides technology that does just that for you: our optimization technology allows smarter publishers and marketers to “cut through the clutter” and deliver the right message to audiences at the right time.  This capability, which has worked so well for our clients on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, is now available for LinkedIn. Your audience on LinkedIn is likely to be engaged in different activities, and different social conversations, than they would be on Facebook or Twitter.  This has significant implications for publications with business-oriented content, for instance.  Or for marketers who are selling to businesses rather than consumers.


With 300 million members (and growing), LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet.   SocialFlow’s new LinkedIn capabilities provide a powerful new distribution channel and the right partner to cut through the noise, stand out and convert with the target audiences in new ways.  With SocialFlow, you can deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform.   Contact us to learn more!