tallyToday, we are announcing the launch of Tally, a new feature that helps companies track external social media communications internally. With Tally, social media marketers can easily create, manage and monitor company-wide efforts to build brand awareness through Twitter.

As more companies use social media to augment brand visibility, it’s vital that employees engage with the targeted audience as well.  Employees are the best company advocates.

Activating employees and their networks can be a powerful component of a social media strategy. Tally helps manage that process at scale. Tally gives organizations and employees a practical way to ensure they are as effective as possible in engaging and influencing customers through social media.

Tally displays live data for instant analysis, tracking and management. Companies have the ability to view individual employee Tweets, set specific criteria for each employee and help guide messaging by removing content that doesn’t meet guidelines.

With Tally, companies can more effectively measure employee engagement in social media campaigns and quickly determine which messages are working for engaging the audience, adjusting in real-time as needed.

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