You are going to love our new Listening platform with great new capabilities. You can now listen to Instagram and also set up custom views that allow you to listen across different accounts and social networks – all in one view. You can even respond to comments and moderate your posts – including unpublished posts! – on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn, all within our new Listen platform.

– How does it work?

When you want to start listening on Instagram, you’ll need to add an Instagram account to your social accounts in SocialFlow. It works the same as adding a new Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. Once you have your Instagram account added, you’ll see it listed when you hit the new Listen dashboard. You can set up columns to show particular hashtag mentions, a particular user’s posts, what’s popular, or your own timeline. You can set up as many columns as you like – you’ll just scroll to see more! Here’s one way you could set it up.


Another really great part of the new listening tool is the ability to create custom views. Let’s say you’re interested in what Snapple’s doing on social. You can set up a view to listen in to them, or perhaps one of your competitors, on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, in one view! Or you can create a view for any trending term or area of interest. Here’s one view we set up for Snapple:


Don’t like how you’ve ordered the columns, you can simply drag and drop them into the correct place!

And, did you know you can add comments and moderate the comments of others directly in our Listen platform for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn? You can even pull in your unpublished posts (ie, promoted-only posts) and moderate those. This is very useful as promoted posts can receive lots of comments that you may want to respond to or manage as you see fit. Just go to the bottom of any of your content from those social networks and you’ll see a comments icon that you can click to add a comment yourself and/or moderate others’ comments from there!

– Why is this great?

This new feature will especially delight social media managers who want to get a better grip on the interests of their audience – and gain insight into their competitors! The addition of Instagram along with our new custom views puts all those insights right at your fingertips.

Contact us to learn more! Already using SocialFlow? Contact your account manager to get set up and authorize Instagram for your account.