A note from SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson

Facebook announced they are changing the algorithms that power the News Feed to prioritize content from friends and family at the expense of content from media companies.

The New York Times nicely summarized the issue and the concerns of publishers. AdWeek reached out to SocialFlow for context in their story. You can see Facebook’s explanations directly in the posts News Feed FYI: Helping Make Sure You Don’t Miss Stories from Friends and Building a Better News Feed for You.  And The Washington Post has an ongoing line-by-line annotation of each of those Facebook statements. That allows you dive deep into what Facebook has said.  And new analysis and opinion pieces surely have been, and will be written (perhaps by you or your titles).

We’re proud to have so many leading media companies as SocialFlow customers, and are keenly interested in helping understand the impact of this change on your business.  Our take:

  1. This change may very well signal further declines in referral traffic for your Facebook Pages. But there are a few mitigating circumstances:
  • Facebook does tend to experiment with changes before announcing them, so it’s possible that you’ve already seen the worst of the impact. This is particularly true given the decline in Facebook reach we’ve already seen this year.
  • High-quality pages tend to generate quite a bit of sharing from their users. If you have enough sharing, the increased benefit of the sharing could offset part or all of what would otherwise be a decline in reach.  With content that is truly “share worthy” you could conceivably even see an increase in traffic from the change.
  1. SocialFlow’s optimization technology may become even more important to drive reach. About half of the posts going through our system are optimized, a quarter are published immediately (e.g., breaking news), and a quarter are scheduled. If you’re still scheduling a significant amount of your content, we recommend that you consider optimization as a way to combat the traffic declines.
  1. This change highlights the urgency to develop monetization approaches that extend beyond referral traffic.If a significant portion of your revenue comes from digital advertising, it may be time to ramp your consideration of different approaches. Our AttentionStream in-feed offering complements your native offerings by allowing advertisers to sponsor your highest-performing editorial content. And it can do so at scale.

We will continue to monitor how media companies are doing with their Facebook traffic, and will announce our findings in periodic updates.  You can find these posts at www.facebook.com/socialflow.

To hear more about this in depth from our CEO Jim Anderson and Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Frank Speiser, watch the recorded version of our webinar from July 12, below:

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