SocialFlow’s client is the largest video, high-speed internet, and phone provider to residential customers and also provides these services to businesses.


SocialFlow’s client and their agency partners were looking for an innovative way to capture the attention of their target audience where they are: on social and mobile. Given the geographical boundaries inherent in the cable television model, they needed to be able to target their messages only to potential customers in their markets. Equally, they wanted to capture attention during the TV finale season to highlight their new messaging.


More and more content is competing for an essentially fixed amount of attention on social networks. Publishers are well placed to attract attention for their content on social and indeed are increasing in reach and engagement across social networks. Brands, on the other hand, are particularly challenged to consistently create engaging content. Our client was looking for a new and innovative way to get in front of consumers while they’re engaged in content that’s meaningful to them.


SocialFlow’s new AttentionStream product allows marketers to take advantage of publisher’s engaging content by sponsoring the top performing posts in a category of interest. In this case, our client was able to sponsor Entertainment Weekly’s top performing TV-related Facebook posts during TV finale season and the sponsorship was targeted solely at the 25-34 age group in markets that the client wanted to hit.


  • TARGETED PLACEMENT: Our client was able to hit the exact audience they wanted – 25-34 year-olds in their markets – where they spend this time; on social and mobile.
  • TOP PERFORMING CREATIVE: SocialFlow’s algorithms use the engagement of the publisher’s organic audience to ID the top-performing posts as they’re trending (ie, before they’ve hit their peak). These posts are then immediately turned into paid units with the client’s branding to take advantage of the trending nature of the associated story.
    • Campaign CTR was 2.23%, with one post achieving and 8% CTR
    • Delivered 300k+ additional impressions beyond those guaranteed
    • Generated 19,354 post likes,
    • 1,195 shares, and
    • 853 comments (none negative)
  • EFFICIENCY: SocialFlow’s AttentionStream algorithms and skilled campaign management meant that our client and their agency could take a hands-off approach, knowing that the brand would be associated with high-performing and appropriate content in the category of their choice.