It seems like an obvious statement: don’t post your best content on the weekends. There are a lot of reasons that publishers may automatically make that assumption to focus their social content distribution during the week. Publishers traditionally have shied away from publishing their best content, or really any content, to their social channels on the weekends. Reasons may include staffing schedules, the idea that the audience isn’t in front of their laptop or mobile device as much, etc. But the data has spoken and the facts may surprise you.

The Bottom line: users are consuming content on the weekends at virtually the same rate as during the week. But, media companies post significantly less content on Saturdays and Sundays. This creates an opportunity for weekend content to to succeed due to less competition for user attention.  

SocialFlow customers publish close to 2 million social posts per month, and as you can see from the chart below, we see 34% fewer posts on weekend days than on weekdays. This makes sense from a staffing perspective, but in given the prevalence of mobile devices, consumer attention no longer wanes on weekends. This is especially important to note when looking to improve your performance on social.

When fewer posts compete for a similar amount of consumer attention, the result is simple math: weekend posts, on average, perform better. SocialFlow offers both scheduled and data-driven weekend publishing solutions, so you can capitalize on weekend attention without adding weekend staff hours.

Implementing Weekend Publishing is an easy and immediate way to drive more traffic, and generate more revenue from your social efforts. Mark your calendars for Friday and set some content to optimize over the weekend…the results may surprise you.


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