blog_whitepaper_image2Earlier this year, we released Installment #3 of our Benchmark Study. This study analyzed nearly 18 million social posts from 2016. One of the analysis looked at the performance of social posts based on when they were posted and the results may surprise you. Download the full report here.

We have found that most publishers reduce their number of social posts on weekends. This is likely the result of staff constraints (most social media professionals work Monday-Friday), but may also be a result of the perception that there is less social engagement on weekends.

SocialFlow’s data shows that the cumulative reach is smaller on weekends, but that the number of social posts is even lower. As a result, the clicks per post is actually higher on Saturday and Sunday than on any weekday.

Similarly, the time before and after major holidays represents an opportunity. In the 3 days after a major holiday, clicks per post are even higher than on Saturday and Sunday.


To learn more about the findings, watch SocialFlow CEO and President, Jim Anderson and Frank Speiser talk about this data point.