SocialFlow is privileged to see content from many of the world’s best media companies pass through our platform. The biggest and the best use SocialFlow’s software to publish, measure and monetize their content on social networks. As we enter into the second half of the year, we thought we’d share some of the best-performing viral videos of 2018, as seen in the SocialFlow platform…so far.

The viral videos span a range of topics, but some themes do emerge: the emotional connection between parents and their children; stories that are uplifting and make us feel good about our future; and posts that are visually appealing, or surprising. Lastly, of course, posts about celebrities and big news events.
These twelve posts generated 541 million video views collectively and because these views are all organic, publishers left nearly a whopping $28 million of gross revenue on the table. Assuming an average watch time of 10 seconds per video, these posts garnered 1.5 million hours of consumer attention. Those of you who have spent time in and around the advertising space know how valuable that attention is.


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1. Fiery:
Father of daughter killed in Florida shooting delivers passionate speech (91 million views)

2. Heartwarming: This 6th grader thought his mom was deployed—until this moment (79 million views)

3. Eye-Opening: A Japanese kindergarten with no walls (55 million views)

4. Entrancing: Watch this “rock star” stack & balance rocks with nothing more than gravity (51 million views)

5. Ugly Spectacle: Guy destroys everything in Apple Store (46 million views)

6. Parenting Win: Dad rescues his daughter when she breaks down in tears on stage (45 million views)

7. Self-Improvement: How to control your emotions in a healthy way (42 million views)

8. Entertaining: Is Bruno Mars the best dancer in R&B? (40 million views)

9. Emotional: Mom’s message to “The person who falls in love with my son someday” (31 million views)

10. So Cool: Turn your truck into a snowmobile (29 million views)

11. Uplifting: Kindergarten class shakes hands, smiles every morning (21 million views)

12. Historic: Kim Jong Un becomes first North Korean leader to cross dividing line… (11 million views)