A/B testing has been a tough nut to crack for social media editors. Ever-changing audiences and the inability segment audiences in a statistically significant way has left editors with only two options: guess or give up. However, some basic SocialFlow features allow enterprise clients to essentially A/B test content on smaller pages and then use the learnings to inform publishing decisions on their main social account.

If you are a client that has many social handles/pages authorized into the SocialFlow platform, using smaller accounts to test content before posting it on to the mail social platform can be a path to success. Whether you are testing headlines, images or even editorial perspectives, seeing how users react in a smaller arena can guide your decisioning.

For example: Let’s say that you are a news website; we will call it “Today’s News” (TN). The main TN Facebook page has 6 million followers, but there are also TN subpages like lifestyle, health, politics, fashion, technology, etc. The subpages each have smaller numbers of followers. So when a story hits about a new fitness app that is sweeping the nation, you can use the health and technology pages to A/B test headlines or images; see what best performs, informing the headline or image choice that will live on the top level TN page. To do this, simply select “health” and
“tech” account in reports, select a date range and sort content by clicks or engagement metrics. Then hit the “recycle” button and send the over-perming content to the main TN handle.

This strategy helps enterprise level customers make the most informed posting, thereby maximizing engagement.