If you listened to our webinar on July 12you heard something that might have surprised you: posting to your social networks on a Sunday can actually help your performance reach.  

Our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Frank Speiser, did some research over the course of one year and he found that the highest reach per post occurs on a Sunday. It is not because you have the largest audience present, but instead because your content can find a place to perform well, since there is not much competing content. Of course quality content will always perform best, but setting your content to optimize through our publishing platform on a Sunday could help reclaim some of the attention lost due to Facebook’s algorithm changes.


Your content has more of a chance to be seen on Sundays because there are fewer posters on Sunday, thus, less competition. The valleys on this graph are Sundays – which isn’t surprising because most people post the most content during the week, when others tend to be at work and at a computer. For media companies, it is worth examining what your Sunday posting history looks like and trying to schedule for or optimize content for Sunday publishing.


As Frank puts it, “There is good news in these algorithmic changes, in that there are things you can do to improve the loss you’re seeing with the changes, such as posting on weekends, specifically Sundays. However, if you really want to see the results you’re capable of getting with social, you’re going to have to change some of your behavior.”