UPDATE: As of August 30, Twitter Organic Publishing allows for the ability to upload animated gifs up to 15MB in size, as well as videos officially to be 140- seconds long and 512MB

SocialFlow now allows users to create Video Tweets. This is ideal for posting short form descriptive video with a link to longer form content. Also, this is great for short instructables with text in video as well. 

How it works

In SocialFlow’s compose button, navigate to a Twitter account and click the camera icon. Select a video on your computer, then configure all aspects on SocialFlow as you normally would for any other Tweet. TwitterVideoBlog01

Based on configuration settings, when it is time to publish, your video will post to Twitter as a video Tweet.


Twitter video is strict about video requirements and the API does not give back descriptive errors as to why a video might fail to publish. Don’t forget to check this documentation very carefully before uploading to ensure your videos meet Twitter’s guidelines: http://sflow.us/TOy9F6l 


Some Key Requirements

      • Duration should be up to 140 seconds for 512mb
      • Dimensions should be between 32×32 and 1280×1024 pixels
      • Aspect ratio should be between 1:3 and 3:1
      • Video can also be added to a Tweet via edit mode on unpublished items in the Queue
      • If a link is included, Tweet metrics like clicks and Retweets are available for Video Tweets, however, Twitter does not provide video specific metrics through the Streams API so these metric types like video views are not available through SocialFlow at this time