We are excited to unveil a new interface for adding content to your SocialFlow queues. You will notice the changes in the “Compose” box and the “Calendar View” section of the app.  The new design will provide a better, easier to use user interface along with feature improvements that will add to the speed and efficiency of creating posts in SocialFlow.

The new interface includes Facebook mobile and desktop previews

In addition to better usability, other improvements include:

  • The interface can be resized and dragged to a convenient spot in your browser window
  • Posts can be scheduled to be published on multiple dates (as seen in the first image)
  • You can now do all your publishing, editing, recycling, and duplicating of posts from the Calendar view
  • It’s easier than ever to create posts from items you discover in the Listen area of SocialFlow!
  • The new interface shows you Twitter link metadata, including the linked image, description, and title
  • While composing you can filter out the social accounts you aren’t publishing to
  • You can now see a preview of the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook posts (as seen in the second image)

We rolled out the changes in several phases and the new view is now the default view for all users.

For a few weeks, users will have the option to toggle back to the old view to help ease the transition.  To go back to the original view, simply navigate to Settings> Enable New Compose Features> Edit> Disable.  After the transition period, we will retire the old view completely.  Stay tuned for in-app notifications with release updates.

11/14/19 Update:
We are continuing to add functionality and address client requests to keep our users working at ultimate efficiency.

The following updates are now live:
✅ Shorten links button has been re-added to Compose
✅ Speed improvements
✅ Blinking cursor in text entry field on initiating New Compose
✅ Expedited Twitter posting, prior to loading of link content

For more information, questions or feedback, reach out to support@socialflow.com or your SocialFlow rep.