We are rolling out major improvements to our Publishing Page Scorecard display. Customers will notice the changes immediately upon logging into the application.

In an effort to make the Scorecards more actionable and informative, active audience metrics for Twitter and active engagement metrics for Facebook and G+ are now stored and displayed at the top of the SocialFlow Publish Page.

Trending Terms for Twitter; Top Engagers for Twitter, Facebook, and G+; as well as Top commented upon Posts for Facebook and G+ are displayed in an expandable box to the right.


Active Audience & Engagement

The Twitter Active Audience graphs show fluctuations in available audience for the previous 24 hour period (in gray) along with current audience activity (in blue). Twitter audience activity is comprised of the number of audience members currently Tweeting (including mentions or replies), Retweeting, clicking, or favoriting. This data comes from the Twitter Firehose via our data provider.


Rolling over the graph displays yesterday and today’s active audience for a specific time within the displayed 24 hour period. This information gives you a good idea of how your audience behavior fluctuates from day to day. For instance, is your audience worldwide and some segment is consistently present throughout the day or is your audience more regional and fluctuates more heavily during daytime and nighttime hours?


Facebook Active Engagement graphs show fluctuations in engagement for Facebook content. Engagement consists of clicks, comments, likes, and shares. This data is collected via Facebook’s real-time API. This information informs when your audience is available and what impact your messaging often has on that audience.


G+ Active Engagement graphs show fluctuations in engagement for G+ content. Engagement here consists of clicks, comments, +1’s, and shares. This data is collected via the G+ publishing API. This information informs when your audience is available and the impact your messaging has on that audience. Because your latest G+ posts also show up in Google Search (when you have properly configured your site) you also get a sense of user behavior clicking through from those properties.


Trending Terms for Twitter

Trending terms have been enhanced for Twitter. We now display significantly more terms. Simply roll over the trending terms box and click expand to see more. Trending terms are the most frequent words and phrases being used within your audience in real-time. Trending terms update every 5 minutes. Click on any trending term to see a search against it in Twitter and gain even more context into the discussion that term is contained within.


Top Engagers for Facebook and Twitter

We now show which users on Twitter and Facebook have engaged the most with your content. The interaction count is in a sliding four day window. Just roll over top engagers and click expand to see the full list. Click on any engager to go to their Twitter profile or Facebook page to find out more about them.


To mention any engager in a message simply roll over their handle area and then click the compose icon. The compose box will automatically open with their handle displayed in the text area.


Top Posts for Facebook and G+

Top Posts shows page posts which have generated the most engagement as determined by # of comments. Click on any post to go directly to the comment on Facebook.



SocialFlow is committed to iterating on and updating our existing tools. We spend time with customers taking feature requests and watching workflow to determine where we can make the interface more usable.

Based on this type of observation and conversation we felt the Publish Page scorecards could be significantly improved. We hope customers will find these improvements useful and informative and we look forward to providing more updates in the future.

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