How The Washington Post is using social media to fuel its subscription business

Join Us:

Thursday, February 25, 2021
2:00-2:30 PM EST

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn how The Washington Post is leveraging its considerable success on social media to reduce paying subscriber churn. The Post has long been known for the quality of its content; more recently they have become well-known for the success of its subscriber business, and the quality of their technology. 

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson will host this conversation with The Washington Post’s Director of Digital  Experience & Engagement and Associate Marketing Manager, Digital Retention Experience & Engagement, Justin Droms and Luciana Orejarena.   

The Post publishes tens of thousands of pieces of content to social networks every month, and those posts represent a huge source of engagement and reader traffic. Learn how The Post, with the help of SocialFlow’s RetentionStream product, is tapping that social content to build engagement and loyalty among subscribers.

Questions we will answer include: 

  • How do you reach subscribers on social media–in a way that makes economic sense?
  • How many days of promoted content will save an unengaged subscriber?
  • How can you run as many as ten simultaneous tests on a single group of subscribers? 

And many more…

The webinar will be recorded and available on-demand after the broadcast.  


Use this registration link to access the content for both the live event and the on-demand recording.