We are breaking down the data found in our 2019 Industry Report. This report analyzed 75 million social posts published through our platform from January 2018 – July 2019. The Industry Report includes more than 20+ of data and insights—so we are breaking it down into more digestible chunks here on our blog.

Weekend and Holiday Publishing Yields Better Results

It’s a matter of supply and demand. On weekends and holidays, demand for social content is still strong, but with significantly less content posted, there is an opportunity for increased engagement. Simply making sure there is an appropriate amount of content being posted on weekends and holidays could be an easy win for publishers.

The decline in post volumes makes sense, given that the media company employees who program social media tend to keep normal Monday-Friday work schedules. But while content consumption does decline slightly on the weekends, the reduction in consumption is not nearly as significant as that in post volume.

Similarly, holidays tend to show a greater opportunity for engagement. On Facebook, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the only two holidays where this trend does not appear. Those holidays are unique in that there are lots of digital promotions and gift-giving content that drive post volume up.


Tips for SocialFlow Users

  • Scheduling is not the only way to publish content on a weekend or holiday. Try using SocialFlow’s Optimize function, with a narrow publishing window. (For instance, set a post to Optimize, with a “Must Send” option to go out Saturday afternoon.)
  • Using SocialFlow’s recycling feature to recycle high-quality content – both seasonal and otherwise – can make it easier to increase post volume during weekends and holidays.
  • Labeling content as “evergreen” or for a specific holiday can help identify content for recycling year after year.



We’ve seen this trend for years, and the simple arithmetic of “less content is competing for nearly the same amount of attention” illustrates why weekends and holidays offer such strong engagement potential. Automated publishing tools can make this easier for organizations with standard workweeks.

More information about publisher social performance and many other data points are included in the full report.

Or, watch the 30-minute webinar where the full report was presented—access it here.


SocialFlow analyzed 75 million social posts that were published through our platform from January 2018 to July 2019 and Published the results in The Media is Social, our 2019 Industry Report. The posts analyzed were published to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These posts generated more than 1.75 trillion in estimated reach1, 15.7 billion clicks, and 14 billion engagements (comments, retweets/shares or likes/favorites).