In February, we announced that SocialFlow had become a Piano company. Since then, we’ve been hard at work integrating SocialFlow into Piano. While this is a complex and ongoing process, we want to share an update and our vision of where we are heading over the coming months.

Under Piano, the SocialFlow platform will be better resourced than ever before. This means you can expect to see significant upgrades across the user experience– including the interface itself, functionality, and performance. Our goal, as always, is to provide tools to help our clients get the highest value from their social publishing strategy, regardless of the size of their team.

What’s coming soon:

We are pushing out some initial improvements, including:

  • We’ve expanded our support team to provide more global support coverage
  • This month we’re adding French + German support in our UI and user guides, building on the seven languages already supported
  • We’re accelerating roadmap development to improve core publishing features and add new capabilities you’ve requested in the coming months, such as: Link-in-Bio for Instagram, A/B Testing, Drafts and Approvals Workflow, and more features focused on optimizing your social performance

What’s further out:

Later this year we’re planning improvements to the SocialFlow interface, to update it and bring it in line with the Piano design. We’ll add additional capabilities for publishing to Instagram, and we’ll introduce new automation features, to save you even more time.

The SocialFlow + Piano advantage

  • Reporting: When we combine organic and paid social analytics with Piano Analytics, user behavior and attribution analysis, we can provide a clearer picture of how social drives subscriptions. We’ll also be able to establish benchmarks so you can better understand how your social stacks up against similar brands.
  • Targeting: We can begin to use behavioral data like registration and subscription likelihood to improve targeting of paid social media campaigns and enrich audience profiles.
  • Services: With our combined efforts, we will develop additional Strategic Services to personally help clients employ their campaigns and drive growth on social.

SocialFlow and Piano share the same fundamental values supporting independent media, building powerful software products, and providing excellent client service. We’re truly excited to have landed here and thrilled as to what’s to come for our clients like you.

As we continue to move full steam ahead, your input is crucial. Your SocialFlow Account Manager will reach out to see if you have any questions and gather your feedback for this new phase.

Thank you, as always, for your continued partnership.