***Updated January 2020*** Join us for a 30-minute webinar presentation of our newly released industry report: The Media is Social.  The webinar, on Thursday, October 17th at 2PM EST, will be hosted by SVP of Strategy, Stephanie Fossan and Director of Client Services, Megan Smith.

The report analyzed more than 75 million posts made by SocialFlow clients across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Those posts generated nearly two trillion impressions and 16 billion user clicks.

**UPDATE: To access the recorded webinar: click here**

Stephanie and Megan will review the data, trends, and insights presented in the report, including:

  • Facebook click rates are up. Publisher click rates have risen about 50% over the past 18 months.
  • Instagram is a win/lose. Instagram posts crush those from other platforms in terms of engagement (nearly 50x). But because of Instagram’s design, the posts drive almost no click traffic.
  • Holiday and weekend posts rule. Significantly fewer posts made on weekends and holidays mean less competition for user attention and more clicks for those posts that do go out.
  • Nearly three-quarters of scheduled posts go out on the quarter-hour, or one minute later. This clustering behavior creates a content glut and leaves opportunity at almost every other minute of every hour.
  • Video content outperforms other posts types on Facebook and Twitter. Average video post engagement is three to five times more than other post types.
  • “Love” beats “Angry” on Facebook. Users are becoming more expressive on Facebook, and use of the “Love” reaction is growing faster than the “Angry” one.