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SocialFlow’s technology allows your content to contribute to multiple revenue streams.


Allow our algorithms to slot your content into windows of consumer attention. Optimize workflow, improve security, and consolidate reporting across tens of thousands of social posts. Giving you better results, with less effort.


Socialflow publishing software solves your social distribution challenges, at your speed and scale. The teams who use Socialflow software range in size from a few employees, to more than a thousand employees spread around the world. But no matter how large your team, SocialFlow solves many of the problems associated with high-volume content creation. Workflow solutions allow you to manage the distribution to dozens of social handles. World-class enterprise security protects your content and offers you and your organization peace of mind. And our powerful reporting engine allows you to see how your social content is driving business results.


Today’s publishers need to be able to publish thousands of social posts across dozens of social handles, managing the production and distribution of the content at an enterprise scale. SocialFlow has developed a number of features to support your team’s workflow needs:

  • Integrated RSS feeds allow content to flow directly into SocialFlow’s platform, where it is ingested and formatted.
  • Predictive algorithms generate likely engagement scores, helping teams sequence content with minimal effort
  • Easy-to-use editorial controls enable teams to easily adjust SocialFlow to adhere to their unique editorial rules
  • Posts are readily surfaced for recycling, offering the opportunity to generate increased engagement from proven content.


  • Centralized access control means that you can authorize and de-authorize employees, without ever granting them direct access to your social handles.

  • Two-factor authentication adds a layer of extra protection against phishing attacks and social engineering.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) integrations are available for even greater security and enterprise control.

  • Page authorization credentials are stored in a centralized, encrypted repository.


  • Our reporting dashboard shows consolidated metrics across all linked social handles—see your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn performance all in one place.

  • Track average engagement for different types of content and top-level summaries to see account growth over time. Spotting trends of top-performers can help inform social strategy and content planning.

  • Easily recycle single and multiple messages based on performance & insights with the click of a button.

  • Downloadable reports allow you the flexibility to use your social data outside of SocialFlow and easily share or integrate into existing reporting repositories.

All of this comes with 24×7 support and Service Level Agreements that offer you peace of mind. The best publishers in the world use SocialFlow–shouldn’t you?


Use your best social content and our RetentionStream technology to remind your best customers why they’re willing to pay for your product. Proving that retention is the best acquisition tool.

RetentionStreamTM is a powerful reminder engine that leverages your best social content to dramatically reduce paying subscriber churn. The Content Engine surfaces the best-performing and most relevant content, from hundreds or even thousands of your social media posts. Audience Manager makes quick work of the otherwise labor-intensive tasks of managing at-risk subscriber audiences who you want to engage with your content. And the Interest Map surfaces unique insights about both subscribers and visitors to your websites–creating a powerful turnkey solution that delivers measurable results.

Content Engine:

Millions of social posts flow through SocialFlow on their way to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you’re like most media companies, your teams publish tens of thousands of social media posts to dozens, if not hundreds, of social handles.

Finding the best-performing and most relevant content in a sea of social media posts normally involves a time-consuming and manual search. SocialFlow’s Content Engine makes quick work of that task, creating a filterable, sortable, searchable dashboard that aggregates the full range of content from your social handles.

Audience Manager:

Managing the daily flow of new subscribers is its own challenge, and most publishers invest significant resources in developing or licensing a subscriber management system. Our Audience Manager picks up where your subscriber management system stops, ingesting a simple daily feed of subscriber starts & stops.

Audience Manager then turns that into segmented and effective audiences on the social networks; updates those audiences daily to reflect additions and deletions; and randomizes the subscriber lists to create statistically significant control groups. Audience Manager then outputs churn reports that provide precise reporting on the effectiveness of the program.

Interest Map:

SocialFlow processes billions of clicks from hundreds of millions of unique devices. Our algorithms learn from those clicks and develop correlations to determine your subscribers’ propensity to consume different types of content. This creates a powerful signal that informs the RetentionStream program, delivering results that even the biggest publishers could not match on their own.


Extend your advertiser relationships to social media, with smart placements that complement the work of your brand studio. Offering brand safety, performance, and margins that protect your bottom line.


It’s no surprise that platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are attracting big advertiser dollars. Publishers have rightly responded with content studios and other efforts to highlight their unique storytelling capabilities. Combining great content with great distribution is a formula for success, but in today’s difficult advertising climate publishers need options.

Sponsored Editorial:

The same Content Engine that powers other elements of Socialflow’s products can be a powerful tool to arm your sellers. Identify the best-performing content, filter it for performance, relevance, and brand safety; and construct narratives that highlight the value of adjacency with your content. Then publish AttentionStreamTM units directly into users’ social feeds, delivering powerful advertiser results, with margins that protect your bottom line.

Native Content:

When your native content campaigns require external promotion to fulfill traffic guarantees, Socialflow’s team can fill the gap. We routinely meet and exceed clients’ advertiser expectations, and outperform standard benchmarks.

Interest Map:

SocialFlow processes billions of clicks from hundreds of millions of unique devices. Our algorithms learn from those clicks and develop correlations to determine your subscribers’ propensity to consume different types of content. This creates a powerful signal that can inform your advertising products, on social and across your digital footprint to give your brand partners smarter placements with better results.

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"SocialFlow allows us to work from one central platform for multiple teams, across the world... we're in SocialFlow all day, every day!"

Liat Kornowski
Director of Social Strategy and Innovation, REFINERY29

"Managing tens of thousands of social posts across hundreds of social properties was labour intensive for our editorial teams. SocialFlow’s software has allowed us to distribute our content at scale and reduce the workload for our teams."

Nigel Leigh
Chief Digital Officer, JPI Media

"SocialFlow allowed us to strengthen our security. We dramatically reduced the number of producers who have direct access to our social media accounts. For me, it meant no more sleepless nights."

Anna Vissens
Audience Analyst, BBC News

"SocialFlow has been an invaluable tool to help grow audiences and scale our titles. The insights and efficiencies provided by the platform allow my team more time to focus on what matters most: creating great content!"

Kari Hodes
VP Digital Content & Audience Development, Trusted Media Brands

"SocialFlow is our main publishing platform. Multiple social media editors work in it all day. It is a great tool for our team."

Ken Sheldon
Vice President, Customer Experience, Arizent

"As a news organization that doesn’t sleep — that has content late night, early mornings, weekends, all around the clock —it was really important to our social media strategy to post content in that time. We found that SocialFlow's scheduling and optimization tools are the best way to do that."

Tara Abell
Social Media Editor, New York Magazine

“SocialFlow does a job that no human could possibly do: It analyzes millions of data points to tell us the best moment to send a message for maximum engagement and click-throughs.”

Dan Strauss
General Manager, The Hollywood Reporters and Billboard

Powering Social Solutions for the Biggest Names in Media